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Tourism and Sport Management

Tourism and Sport Management is an economy sector of the future. It will provide you with work on attractive positions in any tourist or sport business both in Poland and abroad. Students of Tourism and Sport Management will achieve profound knowledge about management of various tourist and sport organizations. Nowadays the prosperous tourism and sport sector develops very quickly and is recruiting more and more managers with a recognized academic qualification who know how to apply economic mechanisms in tourist companies.

The main objective of Tourism and Sport Management studies is to prepare the specialists for several positions in broadly understood tourism sector who will be able to see and understand the whole complexity of any tourism or sport business as a system of different functions. Moreover, they will display knowledge about contemporary tourism services throughout the world, including its development trends, law regulations as well as financial analysis and methods of measuring business performance. We want our graduates to be successful in the times of economy globalization and changing international relations.

Exceptional advantage of Tourism and Sport Management studies is the fact that all lectures, workshops and tutorials are given in English what enhances graduates’ competences in the field of international communication.
10 best students have an opportunity to study in University of Angers in France on the Faculty Ingénierie du Tourisme, du Bâtiment et des Services (ITBS)during the second year of studies (two semesters). In France students will attend the lectures and tutorials of Management of Tourism Organisations, Hotels, Restaurants and Recreation Businesses Studies. All lectures and tutorials in France are also given in English.
The graduates of Tourism and Sport Managementstudies who studied for a year in France will obtain two diplomas. The first is Polish diploma: Master of Management in the field of Tourism and Sport Management issued by Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń. The second one is French diploma: Master an Management et Développement de Tourisme, de I’Hôtelleire, de la Restauration et des Loisirs, issued by Université d’Angers.
The graduates of Tourism and Sport Managementstudies will not only display an extensive knowledge about contemporary tourism services but also will be practically prepared to become managers in tourism companies, associations and institutions, sports and recreation. Universal program of studies provides a good career start in other industries as well.

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