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International Week 2020

We want to invite you to take part in International Week 2020, which will take place from 20/04/2020 to 24/04/2020. Let’s meet in Toruń!

What problem will we solve this time?

Responsible business in the global world. Key global indicators published by The United Nations suggest that the world may be heading toward major crisis. Therefore, the call for contributing to sustainable development is nowadays more important than ever. Among others, the promotion of sustainability goals depends on the extent to which business act out of a sense of obligation and duty to the society and environment. The role of the responsible corporate citizen may be played by business in a variety of ways. Our International Week 2020 aims to discuss specifically one of the management tools implemented for this purpose: corporate volunteering.

What is corporate volunteering?

Corporate volunteering means that employees take part in socially and/or environmentally beneficial volunteering activities outside the organization that are supported and encouraged by employers through formal and informal policies or programs.  It enables companies to contribute to building a fairer, healthier and more balanced society. At the same time, it boosts internal relationships, employees’ sense of meaningfulness at work and develops employee competencies.

Participants of the International Week 2020 will take part in the workshop devoted to presenting the essence of corporate volunteering programs. While working in international groups, they will design own volunteering projects. The purpose of the event is to strengthen the awareness of sustainability issues, to create ready-made solutions for particular problems, accompanied by development of project management skills.

What we offer?

A week of attractions in an international environment, including:

More information you can find in our booklet. See you soon in Toruń!

Deadline for application: February 29, 2020. Please send us e-mail: international.econ@umk.pl

More information:
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Faculty International Office