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Benefits of AACSB Accreditation

Earning AACSB International accreditation gives multiple benefits for an accredited educational institution, its faculty members, and its students at all levels of study.

The major benefits achieved by an AACSB-accredited educational institution and its faculty members include the following:

  • elitearian character (only 5% of business schools worldwide are AACSB-accredited);
  • new opportunities to promote FESM;
  • better recognizsability of FESM on the international educational market due to its presence in world rankings;
  • functioning in accordance with the checked standards binding in the best schools within the European Union and the United States;
  • opportunity to network with foreign institutions, in particular in the areas of scientific research, publications, didactics, and student exchange with the active support of AACSB International.

Major benefits of AACSB Accreditation for students include the following:

  • guarantee of high quality of teaching;
  • opportunity to participate in international student exchanges (within an international group of nearly 800 schools);
  • opportunity to conduct scientific research in cooperation with international partners;
  • increasing competitiveness on the domestic and international labour markets.