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Conference Objectives


  1. To present the current state and future opportunities for the development of inland waterway transport services in supply chains using multimodal platforms in the Baltic Sea Region.
  2. To exchange views, research results and practical experience on the implementation of the concept of social responsibility in the supply chain management.


I. Combined transport in supply chains – case study of Kuyavia and Pomerania

  1. The foundations for the construction of the multimodal platform Bydgoszcz-Solec Kujawski – conditions and the current state
  2. The role of inland waterways and the multimodal platform Bydgoszcz- Solec Kujawski and their significance for the region
  3. Lower Vistula River Cascade and the Siarzewo Barrage in the context of the requirements of the AGN Convention
  4. MDW E70 – challenges and problems in the context of adapting to the standard of a waterway of international importance
  5. Bydgoszcz Logistic Node in the TEN-T network
  6. A pilot 2020 container cruise from seaports to Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship – case study
  7. Demand and supply of inland water transport services in the region
  8. Addressing the last mile in the supply chain

II. Logistics in public and business activities

  1. Logistics in public, social and business organisations – problems of definition
  2. Modern megatrends in shaping the logistic reality
  3. Concepts and strategies in unorthodox areas of applying logistics
  4. Instruments of supply chain management in health care
  5. Logistics in military activities in the light of regional and global threats
  6. Logistics of preventing and recovering from natural and technological disasters
  7. Logistics of security and crisis management
  8. Logistics in humanitarian activity
  9. A social dimension of corporate supply chain management
  10. Responsible supply chains in the pharmaceutical sector
  11. CSR in supply chain management
  12. Digital supply chains
  13. Smart Logistics
  14. Quantitative methods and IT tools in the management of supply chains