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Double Diploma Program on 2nd-degree


The Polish-French Master’s Program (so-called double diploma) was established in 2010 by a joint effort of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the Nicolaus Copernicus University and the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Management of the University of Angers. Students who complete this Program receive two diplomas:

  • Diploma of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Master’s degree in management with a specialization in Business Administration)
  • Diploma of the University of Angers (Master en Droit, Economie et Gestion, Management: specializing in International Human Resources Management or International Management)

Up to 10 students can be selected from both universities. Only students of the Business Administration specialization in the English-language version in the field of management can participate in the Program. Recruitment for the Program takes place at the beginning of the first semester. It is based on an interview. In the selection process the following criteria are considered:

  1. Average grade from the first degree – 50% of the final assessment.
  2. English language level – 40% of the final assessment.
  3. French language level – 10% of the final assessment.

The source of funding for students who participate in the program is the Erasmus+ scholarship. It is also possible to obtain a scholarship from the French Government or a scholarship from the Loire Region (subject to apprenticeship in the Region).



The benefits and advantages of participating in the Program include:

  • acquiring broader knowledge and skills – in addition to gaining universal competences in the management discipline, students have the opportunity to understand the specifics and conditions of management in Poland and France;
  • improving intercultural competences – students form one group, work together during classes and have the opportunity to learn the specifics of Polish and French culture;
  • improving linguistic skills – classes are held in English, also, students undergo intensive language courses at the partner university (Poles learn French, French learn Polish);
  • the possibility of undergoing apprenticeships in France;
  • the possibility of using extensive infrastructure and academic facilities;
  • ease of solving all organizational and formal problems thanks to very close cooperation between universities on various levels and mutual trust;
  • the opportunity for students to participate in various interesting initiatives related to closer cooperation between cities (Angers and Toruń)


Program Schedule

Classes take place only in English. The first-year of study (2 semesters) takes place in Toruń, where students participate in Business Administration specialization classes in the English-language version in the field of management. The second-year (the next two semesters) takes place in the French city of Angers, where students participate in classes of the specialization of International Management or International Human Resources Management (specialties to choose from).

The condition for obtaining both diplomas is to prepare a master’s thesis and to take a diploma exam.


Partner’s University website

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