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Contactul. Gagarina 13a, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 4600
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The Department of Economics

Chair: prof. Jerzy Boehlke

Areas of research:

  • market economy cycles,
  • Polish economy stabilisation,
  • institutional changes in the Polish economy (including privatisation processes and privatisation processes relating conflicts),
  • the black economy in Poland,
  • institutional changes on the labour market,
  • transition costs of eco-development,
  • importance of non-renewable sources of energy for the economic growth in Poland,
  • evaluation of quality aspects of work,
  • determinist chaos in the theory of economics
  • enterprise theory,
  • economic growth theory,
  • theoretical aspects of rational management,
  • studies of the history of economics

prof. Mirosław Bochenek
tel.: +48 56  6114623
e-mail: bochenek@econ.uni.torun.pl