AACSB accredited AACSB member
Contactul. Gagarina 13a, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 4600
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The Department of Econometrics and Statistics

Chair: prof. Jerzy W. Wiśniewski

Areas of research:

  • theory of dynamic econometric models and its applications,
  • dynamic econometric models as a tool of causality analysis in economics,
  • identification methods of data generating models,
  • econometric models in the analysis of qualitative economic phenomena,
  • decisive instruments in econometrics,
  • microeconometrics in business management,
  • economic aspects of natural environment protection,
  • alternative methodologies of econometric modelling of the national economy,
  • integration and cointegration approach in application to macroeconomic processes,
  • statistical study of the standard of living.

dr hab. Witold Orzeszko
e-mail: Witold.Orzeszko@umk.pl