AACSB accredited AMBA accredited
Contactul. Gagarina 13a, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 4600
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TheDepartment of Applied Informatics and Mathematics in Economics

Chair: Prof. Witold Orzeszko (witold.orzeszko@umk.pl)


Areas of research:

1) Modelling and forecasting of economic processes:

  • stochastic processes in economic modelling
  • valuation of financial and insurance risk
  • time-series simulation methods
  • nonparametric statistics
  • bayesian inference
  • inequality measurement, wealth

2) Operations research and data science:

  • multi-criteria decision aiding (MCDA)
  • data driven decision making
  • data mining and predictive analytics
  • semi-markov decision processes in steering and optimization of processes of technical objects exploitation

3) Mathematical economics:

  • industrial organization
  • applied game theory
  • chaos theory
  • measures of entropy and divergence

4) Business information systems:

  • computer-based decision support tools and systems
  • integrated Management Information Systems (IMIS) in digital transformation
  • life cycle of integrated IT systems



Prof. Witold Orzeszko
tel. +48 56 6114601
e-mail: witold.orzeszko@umk.pl