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tel.: +48 56 611 4600

How to apply

Application procedure

A new application for 2021/2022 is ready now!
The deadlines for submitting applications are the 1st of June and the 1st of November.

Please find enclosed useful information and application material for you, our incoming ERASMUS student:
Academic year
Deadlines for applications
Steps – Application form
Steps – Accommodation (in Toruń and in Bydgoszcz)
Erasmus contact persons

Academic year
Winter Semester: from October to mid-February
Summer Semester: from mid-February to the end of June
For more detailed information please check: Calendar

Deadlines for applications
15 JUNE – full academic year or first semester students
15 NOVEMBER – second semester students.

Steps – Application form

  1. Nomination e-mail
    If you have been selected by your home university to study at the Nicolaus Copernicus University within the ERASMUS programme for academic year 2021/2022, your home university should fill in a registration form or/and send an e-mail with your nomination to our office incoming@erasmus.umk.pl 
  2. Online application (applying, uploading documents and submitting)
    1. Only electronic applications https://irk.umk.pl/en-gb/offer/M2021/
      Important instructions!
      While filling in the application form, please write your correct personal data especially your permanent address, as it will be copied to your electronic Student ID-card and the level of your study.
      Full Name and Surname should be given in accordance with an ID or passport.
    2. Uploading documents
      Moreover, you will be asked to upload the following documents ONLY in PDF format (PDF creator can be downloaded for free from here):

      • the official Transcript of Records in English signed and stamped by your university (this is a list of exams you have passed so far at your university, with grades)
      • Learning agreement signed and stamped by your university (if you have questions concerning your study programme at a particular department, please contact our faculty coordinator or visit the website Courses)
      • a Language proficiency form (downloaded from here)
        We accept official proficiency language certificates or “internal” University proficiency tests (certified by a Language Teacher at the Sending Institution). Important! Confirmations by private teachers are not valid. Our Coordinators may additionally wish to check your language competence individually e.g. by an online test or a Skype interview.
      • a printed version of the Application form with all necessary stamps and signatures from your university (it can be signed by your Faculty Coordinator or Erasmus Officer)
      • a scan of your passport or identification card

      Important! Please make sure that your uploaded documents are not upside down.
      International students applying for Erasmus at NCU should present at least an intermediate level of English (B2).

    3. Submitting application.
  3. Sending original documents to NCU
    The original application form from NCU (signed and stamped by your home university!!!) and the original Learning agreement (signed and stamped by your home university) should be sent in an envelop by registered post to the following address:
Toruń Campus
Collegium Medicum-Bydgoszcz Campus
(Faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences)
Department of International Partnerships and Educational Mobility
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
ul. Gagarina 11
87-100 Toruń
Department of Research and Projects 
Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, Poland
ul. Jagiellońska 13
85-067 Bydgoszcz

IV. Decision of the NCU (acceptance or rejection)
When our Faculty Coordinators make the final decision regarding your admission and the courses you have selected at NCU, you will receive the information in the online system. The office in Toruń or in Bydgoszcz will also contact you directly and provide with more detailed information.
In July or in December (depending on the semester you are applying at NCU) we will send you by email the Invitation Letter (Confirmation of acceptance). Later, you will also receive a pre-arrival ‘welcome’ package (by email).

V. Other documents

    1. Electronic photo (on-line)
      When you are accepted at our university, you will be asked to upload an electronic photo in the online system.
      An electronic version of your photo should meet the following requirements as photos for new passports: A photo showing your face must be in colour. The background should be clear and not vivid. No hat, dark glasses* or earrings are allowed. Both ears should be uncovered. The head should be en face and it should cover around 70-80 % of the photo.
      There should be no shadows, dark spots or seal marks on the photograph.
      An electronic photo should have the size of at least 500 x 625 pixels, allowing to print a 2 cm x 2,5 cm photograph of good quality. It should be in a JPG format.
      * A person with an eye defect may attach a photograph showing him/her in dark glasses, or a person covering his/her head according to his/her religious belief may attach a photo with his/her head covered.
      In order to adjust the photo to the requirements of our Polish student ID-card, you will need the Java programme which can be downloaded from here.
    2. Health insurance – by e-mail – a scan of the European Health Insurance Card or of private insurance (the latter one should be translated into English)

Steps – Accommodation

  1. Online application
    If you are interested in university accommodation, please mark it in the online application form https://irk.umk.pl/pl/offer/M2021/.
    The NCU cannot guarantee a place in our student dormitories for every Erasmus student. Usually, we are able to accommodate about 90-100 students in single or double rooms. Since the number of rooms is limited, we follow the rule “first come, first served”. In Toruń, Erasmus students usually receive accommodation in student dormitories no 10 and no 11 (Bielany Campus) and no 2 (Center Campus).
    Detailed information on living conditions in the student dormitories in Toruń is available in our Guide for Visitors, whereas information on university accommodation in the student dormitories in Bydgoszcz will be provided soon.
    Please read carefully the rules of student houses in Toruń
  2. Decision
    After you are accepted at NCU, we check the availability of rooms in the student houses and inform you about the decision (in July or in December depending on the semester you are applying at our university). More detailed information about your dormitory (address) is sent to you by email about a month before your arrival.
    We try to follow your preferences regarding a room (single/double) or roommates/flatmates (an international student/a student from your country) which you mark in the application form; however, due to a limited number of rooms, this is not always possible. We appeal for your understanding.
  3. Arrival at NCU
    The information about the exact room number is given to you upon arrival at NCU dormitory. The keys to your room will be waiting for you at the reception in the student house. If you are going to arrive late at night, please inform the Student House Manager.
    You will also be asked to read and sign the Rules of living in student dormitories that should be respected.
    Important! University rooms are booked only for the dates given in the Invitation Letter (Confirmation of acceptance).

Erasmus contact persons:

For students coming to Torun Campus: For students coming to Bydgoszcz Campus
(Collegium Medicum – Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences):

Department of International Partnerships and Educational Mobility

tel. +48 56 611 4928


Department of Research and Projects
tel. +48 52 585 3337