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Polish-Italian-French Program Of Master Degree

The Polish-Italian-French triple diploma program in Economics (known as Triple Diploma) was established in 2017. It has been implemented by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń together with the Faculty of Economics and University of Macerata (Italy), Faculty of Law, Economics and Management, University of Angers (France).


Organization of the program:

• The first semester of the program is conducted at the home institution

• 2nd semester – take place at the University of Macerata (Italy)

• 3rd semester – at the University of Angers (France)

• 4th semester – at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

All classes are conducted in English. During their stay in Italy and France, students have the opportunity to receive financial support from Erasmus +.

Recruitment of students to participate in the program at the NCU in Torun takes place in the first semester of master studies at Economics. It is based on an interview conducted in English (to know the motivations of people who are willing to take part in the program, their general knowledge of current economic and social problems, as well as knowledge about Italy and France). The following criteria are taken into account for the selection of participants:

• grade level of bachelor’s degree,

• English skills (minimum B2 level),

• student and extracurricular activity (eg, activity in scientific circles, organizational activities for the faculty, charity activities, etc.).

• knowledge of Italian / French (not required, but an additional advantage).


Key benefits of the Triple Diploma program:

• During the two-year Master’s degree students have the opportunity to obtain:

1) the Master degree in Economics, specialty International Economy and Finance by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun,

2) the Master degree in Finance, specialty Law and Finance  by the University of Angers and

3) the Master degree in Markets and Financial Institutions by the University of Macerata.

• Getting a distinctive education and experience in the job market,

• Improving English skills, and after a year in Italy and France, gaining the knowledge of Italian and French.

• Discovering many beautiful places in Italy and France, learn about other traditions, cuisine and music,

  • Meeting people from other countries, make new international friendships,

• Sunny Italy and romantic France for one year will be our students home,

The coordinators of the program on the Polish side are: dr hab. Michał Moszyński and dr Michał Buszko.