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Paulina Bełkowska – M.A. graduate

Having done bachelor in Economics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń I have decided to broaden my horizons and started Master’s Degree in Finance and Accountancy at the same University. I have very much valued Professors and theirs ways of working – theory combined with practical approach, great knowledge and astounding experience. On top of superb academic stuff University has a very well developed students exchange programs, both domestic and international. All that to offer wide range of educational possibilities and ensure that graduates are competitive while entering the employment market. The question is: does it work? From my experience I can tell you that it does work very well.
From the beginning of my studies I was aware of the cooperation that NCU has with variety of universities in Europe. It wasn’t until first year of the Master’s Degree when I have decided to take part in the ERASMUS recruitment process. It went far better that expected and I was free to choose my final destination from all the universities available. It was an easy decision – University d’Angers in France. I stepped out of my comfort zone and the adventure begun. How exactly did this experience influence my life? First and undeniably the most important aspect – people. I have met incredible persons from all over the world. With some of them I have established friendships which last until today. Secondly, studying at the reputable university in France was a perfect opportunity to gain insight into how education system works in a different culture, where classes were lead by selected professionals. Lastly, staying abroad among students was an excellent way to practice my English skills as well as improve French, which I have been learning since high school. Mentioned aspects are most obvious, but also extremely essential and precious. All combined it turned my stay in France into an amazing journey.
Shortly after my return from students exchange I have successfully applied for a job vacancy in the multinational consumer goods company. I am working in Logistics Department as a Customer Service member, providing supplies to European and global customers. I am responsible for delivering innovation projects (both as a project leader and a team member), simultaneously minimizing level of obsoletes and ensuing low stock level of raw and pack materials and finished goods. My role is very challenging and demanding, but at the same time rewarding and bringing a lot of satisfaction. Having an experience in studying abroad was a great benefit in the recruitment process, as well as helpful in establishing relations with customers from all over the world.
Education at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and studies at the Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences and Business Studies at the University d’Angers in France are a solid base to build a great career path.


Wojciech B. Sobieszak – M.A. graduate,
the President of the Board of  Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific – director of Cereal Partners Worldwide Central Europe Cluster


The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the Nicolaus Copernicus University is a place where promising managerial talents are discovered and developed. I hereby confirm this fact not only as a graduate of this faculty, but first of all as an employer who willingly employs highly qualified specialists graduating from this Faculty.  The cooperation with the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management is of great value for me as it is based on solid knowledge enforced with practical skills. Therefore, the Faculty and myself frequently take a variety of actions, for instance organizing workshops for students, in order to enable students to understand the business environment as well as contemporary economy. The Diploma of Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management Nicolaus Copernicus University is highly appreciated and recognized and its value is confirmed by thousands of graduates who perform important business functions both in private and public or governmental institutions.


Maria Luiza Ziolkowska – a graduate of Business Administration degree program, 2012,

works in a retail teaming in the EMEA marketing sector
Completing studies in English makes you distinguishable on the labor market and opens the way for an international career. The Polish-French program of study at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Nicolaus Copernicus University helped me to get a job at the headquarters of an international company – Electrolux in Sweden. I have been working there to this day creating marketing materials for brands such as AEG, Zanussi Electrolux.


Witalis Korecki – M.A. graduate,
Commercial Director, UMC Poland sp. z o.o.


How I can describe the Economics and Management Department of University of Nicolas Copernicus? Well prepared lectures, interesting practical exercises, cases solving, fairness etc. I could go on and add good organization and friendly tutors. This is probably something that you all heard or read before. Well,  it’s all true but if I am asked to come up with just one word to describe my experience in Toruń university where I got my masters degree, it would be – open-mindedness. Towards new people, trends, theories, books, ideas, problems, solutions, arguments. I am convinced that only such approach can keep the intellectual and practical approach towards students at such level that it makes them feel the most important part of the educational process. Which they are.