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The Faculty of Economics and Management employs 123 teaching and scientific staff including 35 independent scientists having the post-doctorial degree (habilitation) and professorial titles. Besides, there are employed 19 administration people, 6 librarians and 22 technical and support staff.

The rapid growth in the number of the scientific staff and the increase of the scientific research level are owed to the granting to the Faculty in 1986 the right to confer doctorial degrees in economics, in 1993 to post-doctoral degrees in economics and in 1998 to doctoral degrees in the field of management.

Apart from educating students under full-time and part-time studies systems, the Faculty has developed the education of employees working for the national economy. This type of education was given the form of post-diploma studies.

Nicolas Copernicus University offers two-year Executive Master of Business Administration studies. The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management is considered to possess the best facilities out of all the schools of economics all over Poland. Its modern and well-equipped building occupies the space of over ten thousand square meters. Together with the increase of the number of students and introduction of new specializations it was decided to extend the building. In 1998 the construction of a new building was commenced. The new part – opened in October of 2000 – holds a lecturing hall for 300 people, two for 120 people each, six seminar rooms two of which have been turned into language laboratories. The old part holds, among others, seven lecturing halls the largest of which has 400 seats, four computer labs, a managerial staff training lab, a library and a reading room. The collection of a well-equipped and well-organized library consists of 49 thousand volumes including the most important periodicals on economic sciences and management.